Introduction to Digital Media 2019

Welcome to Introduction to Digital Media.

The purpose of this module is to introduce learners to the Digital Media Industry. In this class, you will participate a broad approach to digital inquiry, digital creativity and critical practice as they may manifest in different disciplines.

In other words, this class will introduce you to and help you develop the ideas, practices, and skills that will be the focus of the CDM degree. While some coursework will involve working closely with computer software and code, no prior experience with programming is required or expected. With regard to digital tools, there’s a good deal of “how” in this class, but a greater emphasis on “why”.


Slack will be used as the main tool for communication(this is used as a tool in many creative digital media companies.) You should create a Slack account at our class’s domain as per these instructions at your earliest convenience. I also recommend using the app and desktop client.

I will use Moodle announcements to communicate important information about this class, including assigned readings and changes of timetable. Those messages will go to your email, which you should check at least once a day. Please use Email for important(grades/extended absence/personal) issues.

Attendance and Participation

This class will depend heavily on in-class and online discussion, and for both of those to be successful, we need a critical mass of engaged participants. Therefore, you should plan to be present in class every day we meet, ready to contribute something to a discussion about the assigned reading or homework. And in addition, you should be regularly contributing to our distributed conversation online via your website, Slack, Twitter, or other means.


You will need about twelve to sixteen hours total to complete each week’s tasks, I’ve provided time estimates for each assignment — or I should say “guesstimates” (you will get a sense from week to week of just how long each time of assignment takes). The main thing is to be alert to the activities that will take longer than others so that you can plan accordingly!

Class participation and engagement will have the largest bearing on your success for this module.

Group work

Many of the activities for this module consist of group work and Slack is organised to allow for better communication. your tasks are designed to replicate the experience that you would find in the work environment where the ability to work as part of a group is essential. If you are finding this difficult please make arrangements to meet.

Deadlines and Extensions

Unlike other modules, each week’s works is set out as per the calendar at the beginning of the semester, As such, there is the possibility to work ahead and there is no cramming at the end. The downside is that there are no opportunities for extensions. If are absent for more than a week please come and speak to me.


There are no required textbooks to buy for this class.


The first week we will work on setting up our collaboration tools(Slack, Twitter), enrol on Moodle, and create our digital portfolio. Let’s have a look at the orientation tasks that we will complete during the first two weeks.