Introduction Tasks

Though this course has many opportunities for choice, all students will need to connect to the necessary platforms for completing assignments. these include Moodle, Slack and Twitter.

Digital Portfolio

Consider your digital identity and how it evolved throughout the semester by sharing your work on your own website.


3 Commit, Connect, Create Challenge(4C) missions

Choose from one of several missions and work with an ad hoc cohort of your peers to explore a topic or meet a challenge. Present your findings at the conclusion of each of the three three-week cycles of mission work.






Contribute to our class’s community of learning.

Two Grading Scales

For this class, I’ll be making use of two grading scales. The first, a standard letter grading scale, will be used for your final portfolio and for the overall final grade for the semester. As a class, we will be designing marking criteria for your final portfolio.


A = 100% to 80%;
B = 60% to 80%;
C = 40% to 59%;
D = 35% to 39%;
F = 0% to 34%;
B = 100% to 80%; FINISH

All missions will be graded using a minimalist grading scale with just four values: Excellent, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, and No Credit. Grading for missions will take place immediately post-presentation, this will be in the form of a conversation with each student consequently you must present on your day to receive a grade.

Minimal Grading Scale:

Excellent; Satisfactory; Unsatisfactory; No Credit

Distinguished; Proficient; Apprentice; Novice