This is the site for Introduction to Digital Media. You can read the syllabus, learn about the assignments here and submit your declarations and access your grades and feedback on Moodle. I will also use Moodle announcements to communicate important things.

There are some other websites and resources that you should be aware of, listed below.

1. Moodle

Moodle is used as the course VLE/LMS, for this course will mostly be used for assignment submission and feedback

You’ll receive the enrollment key for Moodle (Links to an external site)during week 1.

2. Your Own digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio you will build and own.

You’ll set this up in the first week.

3. course website

This site contains all information for Introduction to Digital Media

A website (this site)for common resources, and a platform for showcasing your work.

4. Slack

Slack is a tool for collaboration and communication — for this class, it’s a place to interact outside of our normal meeting time and with students in other groups.

At your earliest convenience, join our class’s Slack domain at (Links to an external site.) I recommend also installing the Slack app on your phone and/or other computational devices.

5. Twitter

Twitter is a place to talk about and share your work when you want it to reach an audience beyond this class.

Use hashtag #DMEDH1029 (Links to an external site.)