Below are the links to the rubrics for marking Mission 3 Methodology. I have split them up into three google forms for recording 10 videos at a time. If you are unable to access please ask for a paper version before the session starts. (if your using the paper version please ensure you sign the rubric to confirm your attendance.



In addition to completing the above rubrics, the following surveys need to be completed before Friday 13th December 5pm. They will take approximately 30mins to complete so please set aside some quiet time to complete.

Rubric Criteria

  • It is clear that the team has completed extensive research in relation to their mission (Research)
  • The group clearly identified the goal for their mission and created an artefact that addressed the goal. They also included instructions on the process of meeting its requirements (Product/Process)
  • There is evidence of a unified approach to completing the mission (Teamwork)
  • The group demonstrated an understanding of the selection and use of Video/Audio editing tools included all requirements of the video (Video Production)